Body Image

Improve your Body Image with Counselling in Reading, Berkshire

What is Body Image?

Body image is a person’s beliefs, thoughts and perceptions, feelings and actions about their body and appearance, including their perception of their size, shape and weight. Body image is the mental picture we hold of ourselves; it involves the thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and physical sensations associated with one’s body and how you perceive it.  Your body image changes, depending on your current state of mind, your moods, emotions and experiences.  As hard as it may be for you to believe and accept, your body image is not based on fact nor is it an objective view of how your body really looks.

Body Image

Body Image

Body image is usually related to:

Body dissatisfaction
Weight, size & shape concerns
Body distortion
Body checking & avoidance

Do you…

  • Check yourself in the mirror repeatedly?
  • Or avoid looking at yourself in the mirror or when getting changed?
  • Compare your body with other people’s?
  • Focus on certain parts of your body that you don’t like?
  • Pinch your skin as an effort to detect fat?
  • Measure parts of your body using your hands or tape measure?
  • Weigh yourself obsessively & frequently on the scales?
  • Hide your body by wearing loose clothing?
  • Avoid clothes shopping and changing rooms?
  • Avoid close physical contact with others?
  • Avoid swimming or other specific sports activities?
  • Restrict your eating as a way of punishing your body?
  • Are you preoccupied with weight and shape?

If you would like to reduce your body checking, to let go of your avoidance behaviours, to release the anxiety and preoccupation surrounding weight and shape, and to change the way you relate to your body, Counselling can help.

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