Hypno-Band Weight Loss System™ (Virtual Gastric Band)

Now available in Reading, Berkshire

What if you could have all the benefits of a surgical Gastric Band, without the surgery and cost?

By using the Hypno-Band© hypnotherapy system we can create a state of mind where you will believe you actually have a Gastric Band fitted. The aim is to help you eat smaller portions and to feel full much quicker than usual. The Hypno-Band system is a long term solution to your weight problems.

It’s  the revolutionary new weight management program designed for those who have a high Body Mass Index (BMI of 30 or more). For a quick calculation of your BMI use the following NHS Healthy Weight BMI Calculator here.

If your BMI is below 30 and you would still like to reduce and manage your weight, you might like to consider the  alternative weight management program here

How Does it Work?

Over five sessions, together we work through the process of having a gastric band fitted, but only in your mind.  By using suggestion and visualisation your mind will be convinced that your stomach has become smaller and that you need less food.  By eating less and less often you will begin to reduce your weight.

The Process uses hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioural techniques to help you reduce and manage your weight safely and naturally.

Each session in the Hypno-Band system lasts 50 minutes and before beginning the process a full assessment will be carried out.

Does it involve surgery?

No! the Hypno-Band system is a non-invasive behaviour changing method using the techniques of hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy.

Does it hurt?

On the contrary. The Hypno-Band procedure is extremely relaxing and pleasurable.

Is it safe?

Yes! the Hypno-Band system is perfectly safe.

Are there any side effects?

No. There are no side effects associated with undergoing this procedure.

Will I be under the control of the hypnotherapist?

Never. No hypnotherapist can make you do anything you do not want to do nor make you behave in a way you would not normally behave.

Am I suitable for the Hypno-Band weight loss system?

If you are overweight (BMI of 30 and above), you are ready and committed to reducing and manageing your weight then you should be suitable.  The only exception would be if there is a physiological reason for your weight problems or if you are taking certain medications.

Will it work for me?

The key to success is YOU! No weight reduction or weight management system will work unless you are committed to changing your lifestyle, mindset and behaviours.  So you must be prepared to change your eating habits and lifestyle.  If you are ready, willing and able to reduce and manage your weight then it is more likely to work for you.  The Hypno-Band system provides you with the tools and ability to change your eating habits and maintain a healthier body.

How long does it take?

The whole process takes five 50 minute sessions. Usually this is achieved over 5 to 7 weeks, but this is flexible and sessions are booked at your convenience.

How much will it cost?

The fee for the complete treatment is £495, which includes 2 CD’s, Food Diary, Weight Reduction Chart and other weight related handouts. Additional costs may be incurred @ £65  per 50 minute session, if Counselling sessions are required before the treatment plan can begin. This will be discussed with you at the time of consultation.

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Like any medical or therapy procedure there can be no definite guarantees. Even a surgeon cannot guarantee that an actual gastric band will work.

It should be noted that it is YOU that holds the key to managing your weight.

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